Who am I?

Welcome to my new blog. It’s not my first blog but this is the first one about me. Once I sat down and decided to start writing I literally just sat—no writing happened for quite a while. I thought, “who wants to get to know me and read my thoughts and learn about vegan food from me?” I have no authority, am not a writer, and certainly haven’t made cooking my profession. But what I can say is that being vegan and making food is without question my passion. I thought my first post should give you an idea of who I’ve become this far in my life. I hope that this blog will be entertaining, helpful, and make people realize that we are all works in progress and that there is always room for growth and change. I, as much as anybody, need to remember this and I hope that writing here will help me grow and make positive changes in my own life. So… here’s my life in a nutshell thus far:

Born in Chicago, IL on February 18th 1981:

Not a newborn photo but as young as I could find!

Let’s skip through the “ugly years”, moving to the burbs, teen angst, and go straight on to college and meeting the love of my life! 🙂

That love would be Aaron. We met in the ceramics department at the University of Colorado at Boulder, but we didn’t start dating until after he graduated and had moved away. Great timing, right?

Young and SO in love!

I seriously could not be any luckier with love. Aaron is so wonderful, kind, caring, inspiring, willing to try new things, motivated, supportive, and most important of all, he’s willing to put up with my crazy ass.

In 2004 we packed up and moved to Chicago (for me back home) and I convinced Aaron that we NEEDED a dog in our lives, and NOT just any dog, a Great Dane rescue!!

Cue Gweck!

If you can say no to that face saying “please, please, please bring me home” then something is wrong with you. Two years go by—I’ll throw in a few pics of Gweck growing up ’cause he’s so darn cute—and…

Ahh the teenage times, those were fun!

We thought he might never stop growing!

once Gweck turned 2 I begged and pleaded with Aaron and finally convinced him that we needed another dog, and now!

Enter Benito Beans Vazquez, aka Beans

best buds 4 life!

Did I forget to mention we have 4 cats too?! My bad 😉

Left to Right, PJ, Jeffrey, Torro, Saké

If only Aaron knew what he was getting into. Don’t worry, 6 fur kids is our max!!!

Now, 8 years have passed since Aaron and I first got together, Gweck is 7, Beans is 7.5, and I am 30!!! Time sure does fly by, peace out 20’s.

I am currently the proud owner and founder of a small but successful dog walking and pet sitting business. If you couldn’t tell already I have a thing for animals. A big thing. I have been in business for 7 years and during that time had always considered going vegetarian. To be honest, I thought about it many times in my life but finally got the kick in the face I needed a few years ago (roughly spring of 2007). I went to my favorite local bike shop, Johnny Sprockets, and was talking to one of my friends who works there and he said to me, “you say you love animals, you work with animals, and yet you eat them.” Blammo, kick in the face! I happened to be on my way to dinner with Aaron to one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants and exclaimed, “that’s it, I am going vegetarian as of right fucking now.” Aaron looked at me and said something along the lines of, “sounds great, I think that I would be up for giving it a shot too.” I was vegetarian from that moment on and Aaron soon thereafter. Within about two weeks of being vegetarian I thought, “well this hasn’t been hard at all, maybe I should just go vegan.” Boom, done. I’ll write in more detail about the actual transition from animal eater to vegetarian to vegan, but that’ll be another post.

I am excited to meet you all and hear your comments, questions, and concerns. One of the greatest thrills for me is helping people who are interested in leading a more compassionate lifestyle. Note that I am not licensed in, well, anything. So this is all based on my own experiences. Cheers and thanks for reading.

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