The Perfect Bite Burrito

This burrito is another collaborative creation. My friend Terran and I really jive well in the kitchen and bounce ideas back and forth like nobody’s business. We wanted to come up with a fairly simple yet delicious burrito. You can easily get carried away with what you put in them and we wanted to pick ingredients that go together so well that they create the perfect bite.

If you haven’t noticed I tend to make dishes in quantities that serve more than 1 or 2 people. I do this because I tend to buy ingredients in larger quantities which is more affordable and because I like to have leftovers for lunch the next day so that we don’t go out and buy our lunches.

Makes: 2 burrito’s with leftovers for lunch the next day, make a burrito bowl!

Difficulty: easy

Time: 30 cause of those darn potatoes!


  • 2 burrito size Flour Tortillas (we use ones that are about 8 to 9 inches in diameter)
  • 3 fist sized Yukon Gold potatoes, cut into 1/2 inch cubes
  • 1 can organic Black Beans, rinsed, drained, set aside
  • 1 small Red Onion
  • 1 good sized handfull of Cilantro
  • 1 Avocado
  • 2 Garlic Cloves
  • 2-3 tbsp, Coconut Oil
  • 2 tsp Cumin
  • Sri Racha, as much as you want!
  • A few tablespoons of Frontera Double Roasted Tomato Salsa

Additional filling ingredients you can add BUT I recommend you try to top ingredients first:

  • Daiya Cheese
  • Seitan or soyrizo


First you want to get your potatoes going because those take the longest. Get a larger skillet going on your stove top at medium/medium high with the coconut oil. Add your diced potatoes to that pan along with salt/pepper, 1 teaspoon of cumin, and give em a stir every so often so they cook evenly and lightly brown on all sides. I add the garlic after about 10 min because I don’t want it to burn.

While your potatoes are cooking, finely dice your red onion and finely chop your cilantro and mix them together in a bowl. If you want to you can add a little lime juice to give it a little oomph!

Onion and Cilantro

Next mix the drained black beans with the other teaspoon of cumin and Sri Racha. I then because of sheer laziness pop them in the microwave for about a minute. You could put them in a small sauce pan and heat them up that way, whichever you prefer.

Black Beans, Cumin, Sri Racha

Once your potatoes are cooked and a nice light brown on the outside with a little softness still in the center you can turn the heat down to “warm”. If you want them crispier then by all means let em cook longer!

These potats are ready for mah belly!

Next you want to get your tortillas ready. We LOVE to heat them up right on top of our gas flame, if you don’t have a gas stove you can definitely heat them up in a pan (med/med high heat). Have tongs ready for flipping cause they need no time at all.

Keep a watchful eye!

After you get them heated and browned up set them on a plate and start loading them up!

Don’t put too much!

Top the beans with your cilantro and onion mixture followed by the avocado and salsa!

My stomach is grrrrrowling!

Time to roll that baby up so you can stuff it into your belly! I hold one end up while folding the other end over your pile of ingredients to keep it all from rolling out. Once I touch the folded over part past the fillings I kind of slide my right hand back to drag the fillings towards the front and make more room for rolling.

Nom Nom Nom

I then fold over one side toward the center and then the other.

Almost done!

like so

Boom, done!


10 Comments on "The Perfect Bite Burrito"

  1. kat says:

    YUM! I love heating up my tortillas directly on the stove top burner too! I love the char taste lol. Thanks for sharing! Iā€™m still trying to get the hang of blogging here and I just love how supportive and creative everyone is! If you have time, could you please check out my blog? I would love some advice and feedback šŸ™‚

    • Julie says:

      Hey! Thanks for the comment! Your blog looks great. I am way new to blogging and still getting used to it too! I think I’ve done 5 posts? haha. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Looks really delicious!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks so much! Your blog looks awesome too! I love all the different dishes you have in the pics, I really think it makes it more personal and inviting cause it makes the blogger seem more human. Does that makes sense? Cheers, J

  3. teresa annunziata says:


    Congrats on the blog. It looks so professional and the pictures are great. That burrito looks amazing, i’m going to try it. Is that the one you made for us when we came over?

    Your doing a great job.

    Take care,


    • Julie says:

      Teresa, thank you soooo much! We’ve actually designed a different look for the blog so it’s going to change as soon as it’s built and ready. Keep a look out! This isn’t dish isn’t the one I made when you came over but I’m working on one that is more mine so I can post it! You won’t be disappointed with this recipe though! Thanks again! I hope you’re doing well.

  4. Jennifer says:

    This sounds amazing! How do you think a bit of mango would fare in there as well? I can’t wait to try it!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks Jennifer!! I think mango would probably be delicious in it. When you make it let me know how it turns out and if you end up adding mango.