News, Funnies, and Interesting Stories

First let’s start with a funny. I just read on the Huffington Post about a girl ruining 65 pairs of underwear with chili. My first thought was, was she wearing 65 pairs of underwear, eating Chili and then shit herself?! Probably not but it was funny to picture it. Once I read more (read story here) I came to find out she went in and poured chili on a whole display of underwear in a Victoria’s Secret store. Apparently she had shop lifted there and was pissed that she wasn’t allowed back in! HA!

Next I read about Subway introducing a healthy new bread. My thoughts were ooooh is it sprouted? dehydrated? Then I click on the story and find that they are adding vitamin D and Calcium to their bread (article here). Fuckin A. Is it so damn hard to eat some kale in the sun? Impossible I guess. So now they are fortifying foods and saying this is healthy so eat it! Sadly a lot of people believe it and step right in line. This is just one more reason why I am starting to hate Subway. The other is that they have chosen Michael Vick to be the new face of Subway (check it out here). Great, let’s pick some NFL player who was convicted for animal cruelty which includes, electrocuting, drowning, and beating the shit out of some dogs. AWESOME job Subway.

Let’s switch gears to something more pleasant. God knows I need this list of 2 ingredient cocktails! They look delish and quite refreshing if I say so myself, and I do! I wonder if they have something that calls for sweet tea cause that’s what I’ve got in front of me right now!

Did you know,

a large bag of theatre popcorn can contain 1,460 calories?!?!! Gag, I read it here.

that berries are pretty much magical!? They can do all kinds of good things for you like protect our brain, melt fat, and more! Check it here!

that the University of California’s (Berkeley) journalism students are working to design a new nutrition label for packaged foods!? I didn’t either! People might read them and understand them more and therefor eat healthier! Check it out!

Lot’s of cool, weird, and scary things going on in the world. If you find anything noteworthy let me know and I’ll post it in the next news related blog post!

Hope all of you are beating the heat, if you’re in Chicago that is. I guess really if you’re anywhere with a heat index that is over 100 effing degrees today!


3 Comments on "News, Funnies, and Interesting Stories"

  1. Marisa says:

    Julie, let me first say how much I enjoy your blog (especially the plethora of accompanying photos). Second, I love that all of the health news articles I have read over the past few weeks all ended up in this post. Keep up the good word spreading love through the knowledge of good healthy food. Also, check out the Mark Bittman post on taxing processed foods, genius, and not sure why it is not given more serious consideration.

    • Marisa says:

      Whoops, totally meant keep up the good “work”.

      • Julie says:

        Thanks soooo much! It is definitely a labor of love. I am still learning a lot and hoping my writing style is entertaining. I think Mark Bittman’s idea is brilliant. Thanks for posting a link to the article, that is one that I had not come across. Hope to see you soon!!!