Life and Drama

Things have been INSANE since my last non-recipe post. To give you all a quick sum up (with details below), I had jury duty, Aaron and I got hitched, our good friends got hitched the next day, AND Aaron ran the Chicago marathon! These few weeks have challenged our stamina, sanity, and immune systems.

Life for Aaron and I has been a whirlwind. The week of Sepember 26 I had jury duty. Not your normal jury duty mind you, but the kind where you have to call in every night for two weeks to see if they need you to come in the following day whether you are chosen for a trial or not(!!). I didn’t even know that kind of jury duty existed, AND of course not only was that happening but Aaron and I were getting married that Friday, September 30th. Woot! So I got out of jury duty from the 27th through the weekend (more on that later). Now we didn’t have a big wedding planned, in fact we wanted it to be very small and intimate, but it still proved to be very stressful to plan. Some family members were extremely supportive while others…not so much. I’m not going to get into the negative, but let me tell you that IF you plan on getting married and even want it to be simple and small, there will always be people who make it about them and will be complete curmudgeons trying to make you feel bad or like you did something wrong. Be prepared and remember that it is your day and to do things how you want.

Marriage wasn’t at the top of our list of things to do. We’ve been together for 8+ years, engaged for 4+ of those years. We love each other, own a home, have some (ok many) companion animals. We felt married! What was the point of making it legal? And I had/have never imagined or wanted it any other way. I love what we have so much and love what we, Aaron and I, have grown into. I think our relationship has only gotten better, our love stronger, and our dreams bigger. We’re supportive of each other’s dreams and we really want each other to live a fulfilling life.

Aaron and I had been hemming and hawing about sealing the deal and making it legal. I’m not even sure of how much detail to go into about this or how much anyone will want to know. Long story short, we finally said “hey why not? Let’s get hitched and while we do that we’ll benefit with, well, benefits!” We decided on an understated ceremony at City Hall for a couple of reasons, firstly we’z broke! We can’t afford a big wedding and I don’t know how ANYONE can! How you peeps do it? My father wasn’t making any steps to offer help with a wedding so I wasn’t going to ask him for help. Hell, when Aaron asked him for my hand in marriage he admitted that he thought Aaron was going to ask him to borrow money! HA! I know, kind of sad but true.

Our other reason for choosing City Hall is because we’re a mellow, low key couple and we weren’t even sure that if we had the financial resources we’d even want to do something big with all the pomp and circumstance. It just doesn’t feel like, well, us. Honestly, I think the ONLY reason more money would have been nice was so we could invite more people. So with about 3 weeks notice we decided it was definite. We found out that we were allowed 15 witnesses, which totally surprised us, so we thought it’d be great to invite immediate family and their significant others. We had a few spaces left over so we added some very dear friends to share this special moment with us. We received some mixed reviews, mainly from family. Our friends were nothing but excited and supportive of us. I’ll share some pics and details below.

Are we really doing this?!

OH YEAH we did!!!

We decided that between the ceremony and dinner we would hit up Encore, a bar just a few blocks away to have a toast, a break, and a little time to take some pictures. We were SO SO SO lucky because our friend Aaron was willing to come take photos of us on short notice. THANKS AARON!!!

If you couldn

My good friend Melissa made my bouquet for me!

I have muscles and can piggy back Aaron (I know I know he’s fit and skinny, fucker. hehe)

After Encore we headed over to Karyn’s on Green. Have you been there?! If you live in Chicago and haven’t been, you owe it to yourself to go. The food is wonderful and vegans and non vegans all love it. We decided that since we only had 30 people in out dinner party we would let everyone have the full menu to choose from. The food is so delicious that we didn’t want to narrow down the selection. The drinks, OH THE DRINKS are beyond amazing. They have both alcoholic and non alcoholic mixed cocktails and every single one I’ve tried has been taste bud blowing (in a good way!). Surprisingly, we didn’t take any pics of the food. We all must have hunkered down and scarfed once it came to our tables! I’ll just post a couple of fun pics from in the restaurant.

This was the PARTAY table, I snuck in for a pic!

These are our good friends Kristine and Goran. They got married the following day. It was so beautiful.

My mother in law, me, my mother. The moms were AMAZING and really made our day so special.

The day was wonderful and it was so much fun sharing it with with our immediate family and some of our closest friends. Now that we are married I don’t feel any different. Should I? I guess I thought I’d feel a kind of pressure (wrong word)? Like this is more legit now but really I don’t think it could have gotten any more legit than it already was.

Starting Sunday (two days after we got married) I had to start calling in for jury duty again. I had to call each night that week to see if I was required to come in the following day. Whether I was picked for a trial or not didn’t matter. You still have to be available for 2 weeks. That was seriously stressful. I had a hard time getting walks covered for clients (I own a small dog walking and pet sitting business) and wouldn’t know if I had to go downtown until after 5:30pm the day before. Frustrating! I love our judicial system BUT two weeks of being summoned without being an actual juror seems a bit much to me. And if you’re like me with a job where not being available for multiple weeks could lose you your business, it can be terrifying. I am so glad that week is over because it was so stressful and busy that I didn’t get to spend any time with Aaron, my husband! WOW that is a new word to use! Hahaha

The following weekend Aaron ran in the Chicago Marathon!!! This was his first marathon ever! He is so awesome sauce that I don’t know where to begin. Let’s start with a pic of him mid marathon near our home where I was cheering and passing out orange slices.

High Five bitches!

Here he is running like a rockstar!

He doesn

And now post race giving me a look of “I feel great. Let’s do this again next week.”

Oh hey there!

You don’t want to see his toe, gag! Even with having to take a break from training for the marathon for 2 weeks he still killed it and finished in 4 hours and 8 minutes. I told you he’s amazing! We heard you can get sick after running a marathon and found out it’s very true. Aaron got a kinda bad cold, I on the other hand caught what he had and my body thought it wasn’t a good enough kind of cold and upped it to something like the flu. That was fun (read total sarcasm in there).

Things are FINALLY settling down on the homefront and we are eager to relax! This is why my posts have been slow going as of late. I’m sorry about that and will hopefully be able to post a little more often now. I hope you all are well and that you’re enjoying fall!!!


4 Comments on "Life and Drama"

  1. Di says:

    God bless and protect you guys as you journey through this messy life together! I have seen you guys this year weather many storms. Pet issues, furniture, money, sickness, working out, new blog, insurance, multiple costume breaks and parties with friends celebrating life together, yada, yada. This is life! And you do it with hope.. Grace and it’s so lovely to see through creative and visionary eyes and each others love! Congrats on your union!!! Don’t sweat the drama surrounding the union. Don’t know a single person that doesn’t go through it. 45 thousand dollar wedding to this one. the point of two souls making a public announcement and commitment to each other for a lifetime is a lovely thing and a blessing in this crazy mixed up world! You did it!!!! Xoxo

    • Julie says:

      Thank you so much Dianna!!! You’re right, Aaron and I have been through a lot and always made it through. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that, I must block some of the rough things out once they pass, haha! The wedding was perfect and I am really happy that we stuck to our guns and did what we wanted. Thank you for the thoughtful and heartfelt comment. I really appreciate it!

  2. Shelley Courtney says:

    Loved your blog! I just adore my “new” daughter-in-law, although I also did when she was my son’s fiancee. Keep blogging and keep making incredible vegan recipes. Love you, Mom

    • Julie says:

      Thanks Mom! hehehe, still getting used to that but love it! I will definitely be posting and soon the blog will have a whole new look! Love you lots!