Kitchen Gadgets

Ok, this a post that will make any kitchen toy hoarder like myself drool, so beware! Once Aaron and I switched to a totally plant based diet we realized we (when I say we, I mean I) might want to invest in a few kitchen toys so that we could make some fun stuff. You can definitely be vegan and not need these tools, but I’m a girl that can’t walk away from an awesome kitchen gadget, especially ones that will last long and can do multiple things.

On to the toys that I have:

The Vitamix…ahhh how I love thee. Some weeks we use it daily and even multiple times per day, I swears.

Hello there!

Even before Aaron and I changed the way we ate, I was eyeing this baby. You can NOT just call it a blender or if you do you must always precede it with the word magical because that’s what it is, magical. The Vitamix can do many a thing in your kitchen besides blend and when I say blend, I mean obliterate ice cubes and break down dates like nobody’s business. The Vitamix can also chop veggies, knead dough, and blend soup so fast it heats it up, AAAH-MAY-ZING! I think it can do many many more things that I don’t even know about like cast spells or predict the future. This is definitely a purchase that Aaron and I have never regretted. We used to go through probably 2 blenders a year and while we hated throwing away money, we hated throwing away appliances and adding to all the garbage piling up even more. The Vitamix has a 7? year warranty and I think has already been used enough times to pay itself off. I promise if you get one you’ll love it.

Next up is our food processor. We have a Cuisinart that we lurve.

Enter this beauty!

I think we use our food processor at least 3 times/week. We make vegan mayonaise, hummus, pesto, banana ice cream and SO MUCH MORE with it. This was a very worthy and not soooo expensive purchase. It seems like it will last us a long time too, meaning it’s not a cheaply built piece of crap.

Here we have a utensil that I think EVERY kitchen should have, a wire mesh strainer.

Oh hey there!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times this gets used. We use it for rinsing a small amount of greens, rinsing canned beans, washing fruit, draining pasta, sifting flour, a lot! They are inexpensive and soooo useful! Get one if you don’t have it!

Another great inexpensive purchase that I highly recommend is a lemon squeezer (I have no idea if that is the correct name).


We not only use this for lemons but for limes too! It works great and keeps the seeds from getting into your dish. It also gets more juice out than Aaron’s bear-like grip! I know, hard to believe but true!

On to our microplane.

Seems so simple but is so useful

We use this thing all the time especially for ginger. Just peel your ginger and get grating, this thing kicks gingers butt! We also use it for grinding whole nutmeg, star anise, and carrots (cause I use them sparingly in certain dishes). It’s a very useful tool.

One other fun and semi fancy gadget we have is an Excalibur dehydrator. I love it. It doesn’t get used as often as I would like but when I do use it I love it. I didn’t take a pic of ours cause I didn’t want to pull it out from it’s spot, sorry! Here’s a pic I found online. We bought ours at Raw Guru’s online store.

Look at all those fruits and veggies!

We have used ours to make kale chips, dehydrate fruit slices, make wraps for veggies, to make crackers, breads, and a bunch of other things! Everything is delicious.

Lastly we have a spiral slicer, if you want to tiptoe into raw food this is the thing to get! Here’s where I bought ours.

Looks medieval but it

This awesome tool will take just about any vegetable and turn it into a “noodle”!!! You can put beets, squash, carrots, daikon, whatever and boom veggie noodles for raw salads and raw pasta dishes. It comes with two other blade types that I will admit I haven’t even used (I KNOW I SHOULD and I will!) that make other types of slices/cuts. It’s super easy to use and as long as you rinse it right after using it, it’s easy to clean! GET THIS NOW!

Ok those are all tools that we own let’s move on to the ones that I want! This might be painful, I have been eyeing some stuff and literally sitting on my hands to keep from using my credit card to buy them. I’m trying to be a good one here.

I want an ice cream maker!

gimme gimme gimme

I have been eyeing this Cuisinart one. Not too pricey and makes frozen yogurt, ice cream, and sorbet. I have some recipe ideas and I really think I NEED this to make them happen!

Next I would love a masticating juicer such as this one:


What is a masticating juicer you say? Well it is one that literally presses and mashes the juice out of your fruits and veggies. It is supposed to 1: yield more juice and 2: keep more enzymes intact than a centrifugal juicer (those are the ones that spin and are kinda loud but they are good too!!!), and 3: they juice ALL greens! I have become a juicing fanatic and would really like to do a juice fast? cleanse? and don’t think I will ever buy store brand juices EVER again. They do NOT even compare in the slightest bit. I just might admit that I might have ordered one of these and that I might be expecting it within the next 2 weeks. OMFG I can’t wait! Commence me geeking the eff out!

After posting about a kitchen gadget that creates something so gloriously healthy lets move on to something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. The counter top deep fryer. That’s right I said it and I’m going there. Admit it, there are some things that it would be so useful for, fun for, not good for but fun to try—you get what I mean. I’ve been eyeing this one. It has good reviews…I’ll keep you posted if when I get one.

So bad I know but really I wouldn

I am keeping my credit card hidden so I don’t go out or online and buy all these fun things to use! If you get or own any of the ones I have or the ones I want, let me know what you think!!!



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