Killer Rellenos!

This is one of my new favorite veganized dishes. We have wanted to veganise this Chile Rellenos for ages and with the added help, creativity, and brain power from our good friend Terran, we have done it! Thanks Terran. I must say, our brains combined create some awesome dishes, hehe. On to the recipe and probably way too many pictures, but I find photos to help so much when I am learning something new.

Serves 4


  • 8 poblano peppers
  • 1 package daiya mozzarella
  • 1 package daiya pepper jack
  • 1 package soyrizo (vegan chorizo)
  • 1 jalapeño, finely diced seeds in if desired
  • 1 package tempura batter
  • 1 bottle of canola oil (probably won’t use the whole thing)
  • 1 can enchilada sauce
  • toothpicks


Roast your poblano peppers straight on top of your gas burner flame* turned to high heat. When done put them into a tupperware or brown paper bag immediately, securely closed and let sit for at least 10 min if not longer. See pics and instructions at the bottom of this post.

Combine your 2 daiya cheeses and set aside.

Me doing the daiya shake to combine the two flavors!

Combine your soyrizo and jalapeño and set aside. We used Field Roast Chorizo so I broke it up and tossed it into my food processor along with the jalapeno chopped up. It was definitely too much so use 3 links OR save the rest for a tofu scram or breakfast tacos the next morning!

Chorizo in the Processor

Processor Magic!

Spice it up!

Chorizo and Jalapeno done!

Mix up your tempura batter as the directions say in a bowl and set it aside. We found that we needed to add a little extra water to make it more of a thick pancake batter.

Take your roasted peppers out and under a small stream of water over the sink gently peel away the charred skin of the peppers. Be sure to keep them whole and not torn as best you can.

The roasted peel just slides off


Fill a deep frying pan or wok with canola oil (about 1/2 inch). Get your burner set to medium-high. If you have an oil thermometer I would get it up to 350 degrees. Any hotter and it will probably burn your peppers and the oil.

While your oil is heating, cut a small slit in your poblano peppers where you can stuff the filling into. We found that cutting the bottom/tip open worked best for us, making it like an open mouth. Next put some of the mixed cheeses inside followed by some soyrizo/jalapeño and repeat with cheese and soyrizo. You don’t want to stuff them too full/not all the way. You want to be able to secure the opening with toothpicks so that it holds everything in when you dip it in the tempura batter and then put it into the pot with oil.

Create the opening

Feed me Seymour!

Stuff those peppers! Not too full!

Close them securely with toothpicks!

Once all of your peppers are stuffed and securely closed with toothpicks, test the heat of your oil by getting your fingers wet with some water and kind of flicking a few drops at the oil. If it start sizzling and sputtering, your oil is ready. Carefully dip a pepper into the tempura batter (I used my hands and was gentle when coating the opening).


Dip baby dip!

Gently place your pepper into the oil, if nervous, use some silicone tongs to put it in the oil. I would put no more than 3 peppers at a time into the oil. Once they are cooking don’t mess with them! Let them fry for at least 3 minutes. You want the tempura batter to stick to the peppers and not to your pan so let it get a nice brown edge before flipping. You’ll want to mess with them but DON’T!

Gently lay the peppers in the hot oil

Perfectly golden brown

Have a deep baking dish ready to put the peppers into once they are done frying. Once finished, top them with a little more of your daiya mixture and pop them into the oven on low broil.

Oh man almost done!

Melty Melty!

Keep an eye on them as you don’t want to burn the tempura or daiya. You just want to reheat the peppers and melt the daiya. While your peppers are in the oven heat up your enchilada sauce in a small sauce pan (or the microwave in a microwave safe bowl). Take your peppers out of the oven, plate them, and top them with some of the enchilada sauce and a little more daiya if you want!



*How to roast peppers on an open flame.
H’ok you will need a pair of tongs and a gas burning stove. I do multiples peppers at a time over multiple burners. Place your whole pepper on top of the burner grate with the flame set on high.

Get em nice and charred

Get the ends too!

You want the gas flame to be touching your peppers. Using your tongs, flip your peppers every 30sec or so to get them charred on ALL sides. Charred skin is much easier to peel off than regular pepper skin. Once you’re done with one pepper put it in a container with a lid immediately and add peppers to the container as they finish roasting. Putting them in a sealed container creates steam which will loosen the peppers’ skin. Let them sit in the container for at least 10 minutes to let the steam do its thang. Boom, you’re done.


©2011 Vegan Jules.

9 Comments on "Killer Rellenos!"

  1. Izzy says:

    I must say, this is waaaaaaaaaaay too much work for this, but that is one badass pepper and would totally eat it if someone else did the work.

  2. Julie says:

    @Izzy I thought having so many pics might make it seem like a big feat but really at most it takes an hour and 15 min to make this dish, maybe an hour for more experienced cooks (from beginning to end). It’s definitely a challenging recipe for a more novice cook but so worth it! Thanks so much for leaving a comment!!!

  3. Sadie K says:

    Mollie linked me into this. I love Vegan cooking though I’m not vegetarian what so ever. I love Soyrizo also so I’m intrigued by the recipe. I look forward to making it soon. Maybe you’ll like the Sangria recipe I just put on my blog.

    Glad to share. I’ll be reading your recipe in more detail and tell you how it goes for me.

    Sadie Kingsbury

    • Julie says:

      Hey Sadie! Thanks for getting in touch! I hope you like the recipe. I will definitely be checking out your Sangria, it probably would have gone great with my dish!


  4. April says:

    This is AWESOME! I’ve been craving chile rellenos since I went vegan in 2005, but I could never figure out exactly how to veganize the egg coating. Two questions for you – one, how would one roast the peppers without a gas stove? (We have electric.) Two – where would one find a packet of tempura batter? Asian market?


    • Julie says:

      April, you might be my soul sister. Chile Rellenos lovers unite! For roasting the peppers I think it could easily be done in the oven probably at 375 degrees. Rinse em, put em on a foiled baking sheet and pop them in. Rotate them every 15 to 20 min using tongs to grab the stem and once they are wrinkly even brown at parts take them out. My guess is it would take 45 min, maybe an hour. Not sure if you’d still put them into a container or just let them cool resting on your stove top. For the tempura batter you can definitely get it at most International/Asian Markets OR you can use the recipe from VeganYumYum (her blog and cookbook are great). I would totally link it in right here but the site is down for the moment. There is a great recipe on there and I think it only calls for some basic ingredients but the packaged stuff is more convenient. Let me know how it works out!!! Cheers

      • April says:

        Very cool, thanks! I’ve got VeganYumYum bookmarked somewhere; when it comes back up, I’ll check the recipe. Of course, there’s a TON of Asian markets within a 20 minute drive from my apartment, so I’ll bet I can find some for cheap.

        One of the best chile rellenos I ever had (back before I was veg) was from Matt’s El Rancho here in Austin, TX. They garnish the rellenos with pecans, raisins, sour cream, and onions, which I thought was really tasty (and, of course, can be easily veganized by using vegan sour cream). They’ve got your typical meat-stuffed rellenos, but they also have one stuffed with grilled veggies – I’m thinking I want to try your recipe and add some veggies to the filling, and use their garnishes as well. (Afterwards, I probably wouldn’t need to eat again for at least a couple of days… *laugh*)

  5. Julie says:

    Oh man, you are awesome! Thanks for such a great write up! I swear it’s not too much of a pain to make and lots of Mexican dishes are an all day cook fest so an hour seems like nothing! 😉 All the best!


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