When Aaron and I first got together we weren’t really into Halloween. We never came up with costumes or if we were invited to a party we’d wait until the last minute and wing it. So, we’d be stressed and have thrown together costumes. For instance 70’s work out people (last years costume) with shake weights…


Ridiculous, I know!

I’ll admit these were pretty good for last minute but we were in 70’s ish clothing with a fairly present day “workout” device. You’d be amazed by the number of people asking us where the batteries go and how it turns on. I told them they were thinking of the wrong kind of toy.

Cut to this Halloween 2011, our theme, Dia de los muertos. I love the idea of the holiday, celebrating those lost, bringing their favorite foods and beverages to their graves, the sugar skulls, and marigolds. It’s really fascinating and beautiful. I wanted to paint our faces like the sugar skulls associated with the Day of the dead.

Here we are,

That’s right, there’s a purple petticoat under that dress.

And Aaron is wearing gauchos! Love it!

Here’s a close up of our faces which I painted…over a couple of hours! I found a video to help me with mine and Aaron found pictures and pointed out what he wanted from each one. He was first so his took longer.

This was so much fun!


Here’s the kicker, Aaron’s work was having a costume contest on Halloween. Everyone was encouraged to participate in order to win prizes. His work is known for some awesome prizes so there was no way Aaron would miss out on this. We lucked out and WON!! What did we win you might ask?! A trip to Vegas to see the Blue Man Group! I have never been to Vegas AND I have never seen the Blue Man Group. I was beyond shocked and am now beyond excited!!!!!!!! We have now become Halloween fans and enjoy dressing up! I hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!

If you dressed up, I’d love to see pics!

Jules (here’s a link to more pics of this years costumes)

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