Cool and refreshing Mango Salad

Summer in a bowl

I made this recipe up the other day when I made the Chile Rellenos. I thought since it’s summer and toasty out, I should make something the complete opposite that will cool our palates. I knew I wanted to use mangos and while put-zing around the produce section of our local Whole Paycheck, I thought jicama would add the right kind of crunch to the dish. Here’s the full recipe,

Serves: 4, as a side
Difficulty: easy, except mangos are slippery suckers so be careful!
Time: with music and distracting animals 15 min


  • 5 Yellow Mangos, they are usually fist sized (really any ripe mango would work), peeled
  • 1 Smaller to Medium sized Jicama, peeled
  • 4 Baby Red Tropea Onions (scallions would work too)
  • 1 small bunch of cilantro, leaves only, chopped finely
  • Juice of 1 large or 2 smaller Limes

To season it up if you want,

  • pinch of salt
  • pinch of sugar
  • If you wanted to spice it up a bit you could put in a pinch or two of cayenne pepper!

First slice your mangos thinly, I did this with a mandolin, it’s quick and the slices are all even. Once done cut those mango slices into matchstick sized pieces. If you don’t have a mandolin, not to worry, just use a knife to get slice the fruit off the pit of the mango and then cut it into matchstick sized pieces.

Ripe Mango is AWESOME

Next do the same with your jicama!


Then you slice your onions, we got these at the farmers market that same morning!

ZOMG the excitement is killin meh!

Once done with that toss in the rest of your ingredients and squeeze lime juice over the top and toss once more!


©2011 Vegan Jules.

6 Comments on "Cool and refreshing Mango Salad"

  1. Studiostien says:

    Such a great recipe. I love the way the texture of the jicama balances out the sweetness of the mango. Perfect salad for the summer heat.

    • Julie says:

      Thanks sweets! I think I’ll let everyone in on who you are…my fianc√©. Aaron. I love you!

  2. Emily says:

    oooh this is very pretty and i can’t wait to make it!

    • Julie says:

      Thanks Emily! I really hope you like it! I forgot to add that avocado would be great in this too.

  3. I love mango salads! Especially with Mexican food. I’ve been looking for more ways to use jicama and I love the idea of the crunch with the sweet mango. Check out my mango salad (I got the recipe from a Trinidadian friend):

    • Julie says:

      Thanks for the comment! Your mango salad looks delish! I love love love mangos so it’s nice to find some other recipes! Thanks for sharing the link.