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When Aaron and I first got together we weren’t really into Halloween. We never came up with costumes or if we were invited to a party we’d wait until the last minute and wing it. So, we’d be stressed and have thrown together costumes. For instance 70′s work out people (last years costume) with shake weights…

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Kitchen Gadgets

Ok, this a post that will make any kitchen toy hoarder like myself drool, so beware! Once Aaron and I switched to a totally plant based diet we realized we (when I say we, I mean I) might want to invest in a few kitchen toys so that we could make some fun stuff. You can definitely be vegan and not need these tools, but I’m a girl that can’t walk away from an awesome kitchen gadget, especially ones that will last long and can do multiple things.

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On becoming vegan

Well, this will be an interesting point in my life to look back on and try to remember. I feel like it happened so fast that it’s kind of a blur. If you read my Who am I post then you know the first step to changing how and what I eat started with a slap in the face comment from a friend, “you say you love animals, you work with them, and yet you eat them.” Immediately the gears in my brain started clicking and I thought, “well shit, that’s true. I do love animals and I do work with them. Why on earth would I be okay with eating them?! Well, I’m not!”

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Busy weekend!

Hey all! Sorry I haven’t posted a new recipe yet. I have been a busy girl which I must say feels good. The busier I am the more I seem to get done and the more motivated I am. Give me a super lax schedule and I put things off forever.

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Who am I?

Welcome to my new blog. It’s not my first blog but this is the first one about me. Once I sat down and decided to start writing I literally just sat—no writing happened for quite a while. I thought, “who wants to get to know me and read my thoughts and learn about vegan food from me?” I have no authority, am not a writer, and certainly haven’t made cooking my profession. But what I can say is that being vegan and making food is without question my passion. I thought my first post should give you an idea of who I’ve become this far in my life. I hope that this blog will be entertaining, helpful, and make people realize that we are all works in progress and that there is always room for growth and change. I, as much as anybody, need to remember this and I hope that writing here will help me grow and make positive changes in my own life. So… here’s my life in a nutshell thus far:

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