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When Aaron and I first got together we weren’t really into Halloween. We never came up with costumes or if we were invited to a party we’d wait until the last minute and wing it. So, we’d be stressed and have thrown together costumes. For instance 70’s work out people (last years costume) with shake weights…

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Life and Drama

Things have been INSANE since my last non-recipe post. To give you all a quick sum up (with details below), I had jury duty, Aaron and I got hitched, our good friends got hitched the next day, AND Aaron ran the Chicago marathon! These few weeks have challenged our stamina, sanity, and immune systems.

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Butternut Squash Boom

Fall is here and that means squash! I know they are a little funny to look at but these babies sure are delicious! Here is one of my FAVORITE veganized squash recipes, it literally tastes like fall in your mouth.

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Gourmet Pizza…boom (with Yukon Gold potats, caramelized shallots, and arugula)

We have eaten at Karyn’s on Green a number of times and love it! If you haven’t been and you live in Chicago, go dammit! ASAP! You won’t be disappointed. We ate a pizza there that totally tickled our taste buds so I was inspired to recreate it.

Makes one 12 inch pizza that Aaron and I can house, bigger families make more! Although Aaron and I do have insane appetites.

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News, Funnies, and Interesting Stories

First let’s start with a funny. I just read on the Huffington Post about a girl ruining 65 pairs of underwear with chili. My first thought was, was she wearing 65 pairs of underwear, eating Chili and then shit herself?! Probably not but it was funny to picture it. Once I read more (read story here) I came to find out she went in and poured chili on a whole display of underwear in a Victoria’s Secret store. Apparently she had shop lifted there and was pissed that she wasn’t allowed back in! HA!

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The Perfect Bite Burrito

This burrito is another collaborative creation. My friend Terran and I really jive well in the kitchen and bounce ideas back and forth like nobody’s business. We wanted to come up with a fairly simple yet delicious burrito. You can easily get carried away with what you put in them and we wanted to pick ingredients that go together so well that they create the perfect bite.

If you haven’t noticed I tend to make dishes in quantities that serve more than 1 or 2 people. I do this because I tend to buy ingredients in larger quantities which is more affordable and because I like to have leftovers for lunch the next day so that we don’t go out and buy our lunches.

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Busy weekend!

Hey all! Sorry I haven’t posted a new recipe yet. I have been a busy girl which I must say feels good. The busier I am the more I seem to get done and the more motivated I am. Give me a super lax schedule and I put things off forever.

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Amazeballs Alfredo

I had a delicious Alfredo at The Chicago Diner when it was on their specials menu and HAD to figure out how to recreate it since I knew it wouldn’t be available for long. So I went home to my kitchen determined to make it and maybe a wee bit better…or so I think. [Ed. note: the pics used for the recipe have DOUBLE the ingredients because we had friends over]

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Comfort in a Bowl

This is a dish that I came across a while back and made some modifications to our taste (here’s a link to the original). It is so delicious and easy that Aaron has taken it upon himself to master it as well, which I love! I was photographer the day this was made and he was head chef. He is a great cook and gives himself less credit than he deserves. This dish requires minimal ingredients and is pretty quick from start to finish. If you are a garlic lover then you will go bananas over this!

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