Busy weekend!

Hey all! Sorry I haven’t posted a new recipe yet. I have been a busy girl which I must say feels good. The busier I am the more I seem to get done and the more motivated I am. Give me a super lax schedule and I put things off forever.

I will confess, I had a bill I let slide which was STRESSING me the eff out BUT my reasoning which seems totally legit (in my mind) is that I was doored by a car while riding my bike. My insurance covered most of the ER visit and I was trying to get the guy’s (who doored) me car insurance to pay the difference. All in all that didn’t work so I decided to pay the bill rather than get hounded by some lame ass collections agency. After I got that paid off on Thursday and stopped going to bed with stress chest pains, I decided to do more annoying paperwork cleaning on Friday because while it sucks, you feel AWESOME and like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders afterwords. So I went through business receipts and sorted them, got rid of old files that I didn’t need and made new ones I did, and even went through the mail which I hate. You never get good mail anymore since everyone emails, instant messages, and facebooks one another. So I usually beg Aaron to go through the mail. I am going to try to keep up with it more because when it piles up, it stresses me out!

After my deep cleaning which no else can notice when coming to my place (only real downside to doing it) we went out to dinner at El Nuevo Mexicano. This restaurant is terrific for a number of reasons. First because it’s pretty damn authentic, the staff is incredibly kind, they have a large outdoor patio, make killer margarita’s, and to top it off added multiple vegan dishes to their menu!!!! SAY WHAT? That’s right, they realized we vegans like to eat good Mexican food too and they really stepped up their game to offer us a variety of options. We highly recommend this place to anyone in Chicago! Once we finished dinner, we went to a fun event at one of my favorite boutique stores, p&L. If you’re in the Chicago area and you haven’t been you are missing out. They carry really awesome, unique clothes that you can’t find at many other places so you know you can have your own style. Following that event we went to a friends farewell party that was Unicorn themed! LOVE IT! But when asked if I could bring something unicorn/fantasy themed for people to eat I thought, what the hell am I going to bring?! These friends that we were going to hang with and say farewell to have a great sense of humor so I decided to bring odd shaped reeses cups and dust them in gold, low and behold you have Unicorn Turds! I told you they have a great sense of humor and these treats were well received. Here’s a pic of the final product. Sorry, it was taken on my phone.

Unicorn Turds aka Reeses Peanut butter cups dusted in gold!

Saturday morning Aaron and I rolled outta bed at a reasonable hour, around 8 to get ready and go to the farmers market. We hit up Green City Market in Lincoln Park. I love love love this farmers market. The variety of produce, vendors, prepared food, and flowers is AWESOME. This market is the largest sustainable one in Chicago. It’s on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s and I must admit my favorite day to go is Wednesday because it is much more mellow and you can really mosey around and talk to the wonderful people that make this happen. Once we got home we scarfed some breakfast (local everything bagels, tofutti cream cheese, micro greens, tomatoes, and truffle salt!) and juiced some fruit and veggies. DELISH!

Cucumber, Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Beet, Ginger!

A little later on Saturday I had acupuncture. Have you ever tried it? I absolutely love it. I literally fall asleep while the needles are in me and come out feeling like I got the most kick ass rest ever. I go for stress and for a minor health issue and it really seems to help. I also beg my acupuncturist to do Gua Sha which is also known as spooning. An oil is put on your back and they usually use a porcelain spoon to scrape your back and it feels amazing. You leave looking like you got beat up or had a great night in the sac but lemme tell you it works my knots really well. You have to try it, for reals!

I then headed back over to p&L because I am working there super part time and I had to get some training in. I told you I was busy this weekend, that’s why posting a new recipe has been pushed until Monday! Once I came home from working, Aaron and I took it really easy and just relaxed/passed out.

Today is Sunday. Aaron and I met up with some friends and got brunch at a totally vegan friendly restaurant called Victory’s Banner. We hadn’t eaten there in a loooong time and felt that we were overdue for a visit. We are so glad we went, not only did we not have to wait for a table (so not normal cause this place can be bumpin!) but everyone enjoyed it and we all had fun hanging out and catching up. I then went back to p&L for a few more hours of working/training. All went well, thankfully I know the clothing they carry cause I L O V E it and I’m pretty computer savvy so all in all I think I’m picking things up quickly. I am just now at 7pm finally getting in some blog time. Bout time if I do say so myself. I have missed my home and my canine and feline companions. We need to cuddle dammit! Aaron is being a gem making dinner, Comfort in a Bowl with a side of sautéed purple beans from the market! Can’t wait. I will definitely be posting a new recipe tomorrow! So keep an eye out.



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